Our advisory 而且 governing bodies, 而且 their functions

新太阳城 is made up of the 执行, 委员会, 学术参议院, 专业及学术人员, 研究人员, 毕业生, 学生和其他很多人.

Responsibilities 而且 functions are bestowed upon specific groups under The 新太阳城 Act 1989 而且 The 新太阳城 By-law 2005. This is to ensure the University can achieve its stated goals: to promote scholarship, 研究, 免费的调查, the interaction of 研究 而且 teaching, 以及学术卓越.


The 执行 is the principal decision-making body for all significant matters of University strategy, 管理, administration 而且 related policy. 它包括:



The 委员会 takes primary responsibility for the control 而且 管理 of the affairs of the University 而且 is empowered to make by-laws 而且 rules relating to how the University is managed.

Members of the 委员会 include the University Vice-Chancellor, 学术及非学术人员, the Chair of the 学术参议院 而且 a student representative. The 委员会 is chaired by The Chancellor of the University.

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The 学术参议院 is the primary academic governance body of the University. It is an independent body that makes recommendations to the University 委员会.

The Senate has established a number of academic committees made up of 学术及非学术人员 as well as student representatives. These committees are entrusted with considering the detailed academic business of Senate 而且 bringing forward recommendations.

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